Learn Remote Sensing Application in Ecology

How Remote Sensing can help in Ecology Research – How it can be achieved practically – How to interpret it

Science School

All software is Open Source, all data used is Open Access

All methods and data you are learning in our science school can be redone at home using Open Source software and Open Access data

Data Access

Different Data Portals will be introduced and used


Only Open Source software such as R, QGIS, GRASS etc. will be used


Remote Sensing applications and examples will be provided


All lecturer are internationally renowed scientists


Various remote sensing data sets are explained and applied


Coding will be covered in detail focusing on spatial data analysis


All necessary methods are covered to allow wall-to-wall analysis

non profit

The EcoSens Science School is a non profit initiative

5 days intensive course work

All necessary first tasks in remote sensing for ecology research will be covered in our 5 days science school.

Course Fees

Course fees do only cover expenses, EcoSens is 100% no profit

Courses Fees

Course fees depend on the location and the costs for the lecturer, but we try to keep it at a minimum

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