Book_cover_Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists_Wegmann_Leutner_Dechthe textbook “Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists” written by some of the EcoSens members will be published in mid 2015 (edt. by Martin Wegmann, Benjamin Leutner and Stefan Dech) and will explain how to apply remote sensing and GIS to ecological research projects. It will provide practical examples cover each step, from planning through to remote sensing and modelling. Only OpenSource software will be used for the examples such as R, QGIS and GRASS.

This is a book about how ecologists can integrate remote sensing and GIS in their daily work. It will allow ecologists to get started with the application of remote sensing and to understand its potential and limitations. Using practical examples, the book covers all necessary steps from planning field campaigns to deriving ecologically relevant information through remote sensing and modelling of species distributions. continue reading